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highest recommendation as a cello instructor!

My 15-year-old daughter has been Jasmin's student for the past 16 months,

and we couldn't be happier to have found such a terrific instructor and mentor.

In my daughter's words, "Jasmin gives effective feedback, helps me correct bad habits,

uses varied approaches to teach concepts, and makes sure I understand her.

" From their very first lesson together, Jasmin has been encouraging and kind, but also goal-oriented.

She helped my daughter improve in technique by teaching how to practice effectively,

and in musicianship by allowing opportunities to select repertoire and to perform.

Often, Jasmin goes above and beyond, like helping us select a cello to purchase,

or sending youtube links of pieces to listen to. Under Jasmin's tutelage,

I've seen my daughter develop in confidence and enjoyment of her cello playing.

Jasmin has my highest recommendation as a cello instructor!

Thanks Jasmin!

~Emily L. parent of current student

Ms. Jasmin was my son, Kevin, initial Cello private teacher when he was 9 years old in 2005. Ms. Jasmin is not only a talented, skillful and professional cello instructor, she is also very patient, caring and inspiring to her students. Along the years while my son learning cello from her; he has developed a passion and motivation for playing cello, was able to be accepted to couple orchestra groups inside of outside of school programs. I personally think Ms. Jasmin is an amazing cello instructor to encourage and help students not only plays skillfully but also, the most important, love playing music. I truly believe she is one of the inspirations for my son pursuits the music majors in George Mason University, VA. We’re all so greatly to have Jasmin as my son’s first Cello instructor! 

~ Joyce S. parent of former student

I have been taking weekly cello lessons from Jasmin since March and I highly recommend her as a teacher.


I am in my 30s and a complete novice to playing a musical instrument, that is I am learning to read music as I am working on picking up the cello. It was a very daunting thought at the time I decided to pick up the instrument.

Jasmin's resume clearly shows that she has the credentials of a proficient musician, but she is also a skilled and wonderful teacher. She is patient, positive and has faith in the student that keeps them motivated. This is just as important for an adult as it is for a child learning a new skill. She answers all questions in a way that is understandable and easy to implement. She focusses on the joy of playing music while she also expects excellence; a very important balance. 

I have come to love playing the cello and I am grateful to have a teacher like Jasmin.

~ Sneha, current student

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